Why Do Married Men See Escorts?

Simon Le Bon, the lead singer of nineteen eighties super group Duran Duran (and husband of super model Yasmin Le Bon) was once asked "why do rock stars date models?" and his three word answer was the model (pun intended) of brevity and accuracy. "Because we can". In the same light, why do married men see escorts? Because they can. Let me give you a fuller answer below, it seems only fair if you have taken the trouble to read this far.

Some men are – to be perfectly honest – entitled ass holes. There is no less direct way to say it. That type of man will never be loyal and faithful to a woman, not even if they were married to or in a relationship with a nymphomaniac Victorias Secret super model. They would still pay to see a woman that escorts Marbella clients. And probably dress her in the lingerie modelled by their partner! Those guys want more and better, more and better, more and better. And they are willing to go after it and pay for it, financially and if necessary emotionally (well, other peoples emotions anyway). These men do not care about their wives or girl friends, no matter how new or established the relationship. They care only about themselves and their wants and needs.

Other men feel as thought they spend their lives doing things for everyone else, and often getting little or no thanks or appreciation for it. Or even getting shit for the hours they work to do it or how tired they are as a result. So those guys see spending time with an escort as their little treat. It is their reward to themselves, giving themselves the thanks that they do not get from anyone else in their lives. Honestly, most escorts will categorise these men as being the same as the first set of clients, but less honest with themselves. They are still being selfish but they dress it up in more "victim" clothes rather than being a balls out (and dick in) narcissist.

A third category of men that see escorts are just a little sad. The kind of man whi is ignored and taken for granted by the significant other. Often their spouse has just let themselves go and the man is no longer attracted to them. It is very common for the women in the relationship to have stopped having sex or even showing their man any attention or affection once they have married. You can see the sadness in those mens eyes. Often they just hold an escort after – or even instead of – sex and just cry because they would really just like to get the same affection or attention from the woman that they live with. Men are as insecure as women when it comes to attractiveness and sex.