Escort Favorite Home in London

High-class escorts have their favourite places where they feel comfortable, where they feel at home. Being an elite escort lady can be lead to loneliness despite all the luxury they can buy. For that reason, they would love to be next to another high-class escort. These London escorts chose they location very carefully, and one of the most popular and exclusive places in London is Chelsea. There are two huge and luxurious apartments in Chelsea that high-class escorts love. First one is a Nell Gwyn House on Sloane Avenue, Chelsea, London SW3 3AX. Second is just opposite the street, Sloane Ave, Chelsea, London SW3 3DW. Both have more than 200 top quality serviced apartments available for one week to six months.

The word Chelsea originates from the Old English term for a landing place. Chelsea always was, and it is now an accessible location for the wealthy.  Since 2011, Channel 4 has broadcast a reality television show called Made in Chelsea,  this place is a home to one of the largest communities of Americans living outside the United States, with 6.53% of Chelsea residents being born in the U.S. Chelsea is a home to famous artist, actors, entrepreneurs, Russian oligarchs and other influential people.

Some of the famous and wealthy Chelsea residents

John Sainsbury – the founder of one of the UK’s biggest supermarkets.

Stella McCartney – daughter of Paul McCartney and owner of the clothing line.

Sir Richard Branson –  the world’s most famous entrepreneurs, with a net worth of around £500 million.

J.K Rowling –  the most famous novelists in the world. Best known for writing the Harry Potter fantasy series.

Eric Clapton – The famous musician.

Rowan Atkinson – one of Britain’s most recognisable actors in the world, especially for his role as a Mr Bean.