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Why Do Married Men See Escorts?

Simon Le Bon, the lead singer of nineteen eighties super group Duran Duran (and husband of super model Yasmin Le Bon) was once asked "why do rock stars date models?" and his three word answer was the model (pun intended) of brevity and accuracy...Read More

Escort Favorite Home in London

High-class escorts have their favourite places where they feel comfortable, where they feel at home. Being an elite escort lady can be lead to loneliness despite all the luxury they can buy. For that reason, they would love to be next to...Read More

How to create a website for your escort business

We know every escort business has their website. Basically, a website or we can say a ‘web presence’ explains what our business is all about. And, there are only a very few number of businesses which didn’t create a website for themselves. However, the main motive behind the online business is to skip the procedure of direct meeting, cash transitions by hand, and long traveling. Now, these things can be done through a w...Read More